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About Us

Powervision TV iscompleting 17 years of ministry in the audio-visual field of Christian ministry. Powervision Charitable Trust is the Charity wing of Powervision TV carrying out its charity and relief activities.


God has enabled Powervision Charitable Trust,along with its viewers, during the past 17 years to follow the example set by our dear Master Jesus Christ to be a helping hand of relief in the distress filled life of our dear fellow brethren in our community who are suffering due to different hardships in their life.


After examining the applications from our viewers who are seeking relief in their hardship, our team members will make a direct visit to get a first-hand information about the conditions of the applicants. Upon complete conviction of theirhardship conditions, this is then absorbed through the eyes of our camera lenses and delivered to our good-hearted viewers through our program, ‘Kanaakazcha’.The faithful disbursement of the contributions donated by our viewers to these well-deserved candidates has become an exemplaryactivity of Powervision Charitable Trust.Our Charity ministry, Kannakazcha is broadcasted every Friday at 05:00 P.M (Indian time), under different subtitles, based on the nature of the applicants need.

The Team



Curtis Webb

Executive Producer

Nick Ferguson

Production Manager

Andrew Simpson

Creative Development

Harlow Banks
Joe Priestley

Technical Director

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